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At GetFarms, we present a unique opportunity for individuals to establish their own chemical-free and organic farms in prominent locations that boast excellent access to water, transportation, and modern amenities, all at a highly reasonable price point.

  • Agri Farming

    Getfarms is dedicated to upholding traditional Agri Farming principles, which involve cultivating a diverse range of crops and livestock while harnessing the power of natural sunshine and soil resources to yield

  • Farm House

    Experience the rustic appeal of rural life by staying in one of our cozy Farm Houses, which are strategically positioned among our farms and provide a peaceful retreat while being connected

  • Hydroponics Farming

    Discover System Hydroponics Farming, where we develop crops utilizing nutrient-enriched water solutions directly to the roots to provide year-round harvests of vivid, nutrient-rich produce.

  • Integrated Farming

    We are devoted to Integrated Farming, which involves integrating various agricultural aspects such as crops, livestock, and aquaculture, as well as harmonizing nature's elements to produce a self-sustaining.

  • Vertical Farming

    Enhance your farming experience with our Vertical Farming expertise, in which we optimize space use by cultivating a variety of crops in stacked levels, all while minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • Green House

    Getfarms' Green Houses are a testament to superior cultivation practices. We extend growing seasons, preserve delicate plants, and provide optimal growing conditions, resulting in abundant harvests.

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Getfarms, Your Path to Farming Paradise

Welcome to Getfarms, your destination for turning mango farmland dreams into vibrant reality. Nestled near Chennai, we specialize in offering meticulously developed mango farmland for sale, complete with modern amenities that pave the way for organic cultivation. With a legacy dating back to the 1980s, our commitment to excellence flies high in every aspect of our organic farming ventures. Our mango farm for sale near chennai provides the perfect canvas to nurture different varieties of mango cultivation from Rumani to Senthoora mangoes.

About us

Chengalpattu - Mamandur 35+ years of agriculture & eco farming experience

Who we are?

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Be it a small or large business, we make sure to provide the best dedicated service to uplift your business value and returns while not forgetting to meet your expectations..

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    - Reached 1.1 billoin 1.1 Million

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Farmland for Sale

Buy Your Dream Mango Farmland

GetFarms will take you on a journey to find your passion towards agriculture. Discover an unrivaled opportunity to own your very own mango farmland for sale in Chennai. Our farms cover a wide range of options, each thoughtfully planned to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Enjoy the benefits of rustic living without the hassles of upkeep and security. GetFarms takes care of everything, allowing you to unwind among our captivating mango farms. Our dedicated team ensures that you have access to modern amenities and conveniences, resulting in an environment that perfectly balances comfort and tranquility.

GetFarms will guide you through the process of purchasing a great mango farm for sale in and around the city. Immerse yourself in the fascination of owning a mango plantation, a treasured pocket of rural tranquility in the midst of Chennai's bustling embrace.Book your mango farm now and get one step closer to the mango-scented paradise!

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Our Amenities

  • Gated Community Farms

  • High Value trees

  • Individual Fencing

  • Water Management

  • Proper Electricity Connection

  • Man Power Support

  • Ground Water

Letโ€™s Join Together

Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in agriculture while avoiding the complexity and subtleties of farm management. Form a strategic collaboration with Getfarms and become a vital part of the future of successful and sustainable agriculture.

Contact us right away to learn more about the complexities of our joint venture and how you may join Getfarms in this exciting and productive agricultural enterprise. Let us reap the benefits of enlightened farming together and nurture a future rich in triumph and prosperity!


Trusted by Clients.

With Getfarms, my ambition of owning a mango farm became a reality. Our hopes were exceeded by the organic production procedures and the variety of mangoes available.The entire process was quite rewarding, from selecting the plot, maintaining, and till cultivating it.

Anita Venkat

I'm amazed at the level of professionalism and dedication that Getfarms carried through out the process. Also, the farms are well-maintained and offer modern conveniences. My investment has become a source of pride and delight thanks to the team's assistance and experience.

Rajesh Kumar

Getfarms has completely transformed our weekends. Our family liked spending quality time away from the city traffic on our mango plantation. The beauty of the surroundings are unrivaled. Getfarms deserves credit for providing such a great location. Completely satisfied with the purchase.

Priya Varma

Finding Getfarms was a game changer for me as a devoted organic farmer. The emphasis on natural fertilizers and sustainable techniques is completely consistent with my principles. The results speak for themselves: healthy, robust mango trees that produce exquisite mangoes.


Our search for the ideal retirement retreat came to an end at Getfarms. The tranquil ambiance, welcoming community, and ability to engage in meaningful organic farming have given us a new sense of purpose. Our mango orchard is more than simply a piece of land; it's a legacy.

Nisha Menon

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Planning to invest in a mango farm?

Getfarms is an online platform to buy managed Mango Farmland in Chennai. Escape to our charming mango farms for a weekend getaway and indulge in a perfect blend of adventure.

  • 1 Year Free Maintenance

    We ensure your farm remains in top shape by offering one year of complimentary maintenance.

  • Manpower For Day To Day Work

    We provide skilled manpower to take care of your farm's daily chores, so you can enjoy your rural retreat without worry.

  • Weekend Retreat

    Escape the city and unwind at your own private weekend retreat with tranquility of nature and the comfort of our well-equipped farms.

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In the heartland of mango farming near Chennai, there exists a place where dreams of owning

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In the heartland of mango farming near Chennai, there exists a place where dreams of owning

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